DirectSuggest Named Specialist Employee Service Of The Year

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DirectSuggest has been named Corporate LiveWire’s 2023 Innovation & Excellence Awards - "Specialist Employee Service of the Year". They were selected as the "Specialist Employee Service of the Year" for offering a highly effective simple and affordable solution that is making a tremendous difference on a broad scale. DirectSuggest’s employee suggestion box app has been known as ‘the next Slack’ since beginning to make a significant impact during the COVID pandemic in 2020, revolutionizing the way employees make and share suggestions like Slack revolutionized the way employees communicate. Daniel Jones, Corporate LiveWire’s Awards Manager stated “The judges went through the details thoroughly sourced online, and the growth of the business with the reviews/testimonials provided truly are testament to the business (DirectSuggest) as a whole. We are very pleased to recognise your hard work”.

Corporate LiveWire invites both readers and contributors to the Corporate LiveWire publications to put forward companies, products, services, and individuals who they feel are deserving of recognition. They consider their Innovation & Excellence category their most important. Their team assesses how each product/service has harnessed more effective processes and ideas to transform the world for the better. The award was determined by many intricate factors including their ability to make a positive impact on a large scale, whether the nominee is providing the best quality in their sector/industry, proven service excellence via public recognition and acknowledgment, the nominee’s brand strength and ability to connect with the world, as well as their ethical practices.

DirectSuggest’s CEO Riley Moore commented on winning the award:
“DirectSuggest’s mission is to easily, affordably, and effectively enable innovation by allowing any employee in any organization to use their voice to move the mission of their organization forward while making the world a better place. Winning an award of this stature that’s so heavily vetted is real recognition of the hard work of our team, and DirectSuggest’s mainstream potential. We are incredibly honored and appreciative to have won this award, and hope this will help fuel our ability to make a larger impact throughout the world.”

About DirectSuggest
Employee feedback is an important part of creating a high-performance company culture. DirectSuggest streamlines the process so employees can be heard and their company can leverage their collective knowledge. DirectSuggest makes it simple for employees to make suggestions on any device surrounding company created categories with the assurance they automatically arrive to the proper decision-maker. Every employee can also collaborate on suggestions via voting and commenting to enhance the quality of ideas.

DirectSuggest provides value to organizations in various industries worldwide including Comcast, TD Bank, Nokia, Fiesta Insurance, and Armor Pest Defense. DirectSuggest only costs $0.50 per employee per month, and they have incredibly high ROI/Savings potential with an average 33X return on investment. Learn more and sign up for a 30-Day Free Trial here.