25+ Employee Suggestion Box Program Testimonials

We have compiled more than 25 testimonials from decision-makers in organizations of all sizes, throughout countless industries. They each provide insights that reinforce the absolute need for implementing DirectSuggest to easily receive ideas from employees.

Alexandra Marin | Co-Founder and Director of Design, CodeCrew

Anh Trinh | Managing Editor, GeekWithLaptop

Brian J. Stearns | Founder/CEO, Ring of Fire & Co-Owner/Director Of Corporate Partnerships, Greenville FC

Bridgette Norris | Marketing Director, EcoSecretariat

Bruce Canales | Digital Marketing Strategist, Amica Senior Lifestyles

Corey Berkey | VP of Human Resources, JazzHR

Matthew Yu | Vice President, Socotra Capital

Eli Diament | Director of Azurite Consulting

Greg Norris | Head of Marketing, Empire Flippers

Jack Wang | CEO, Amazing Beauty Hair

Jan Jones | Implementation Manager

Joe Wilson | Senior Career Advisor, MintResume

Justin Fong | Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)

Liz Brown | Founder, Sleeping Lucid

Martin Lindstrom | New York Times bestselling author, culture transformation consultant and author of "The Ministry of Common Sense: How to Eliminate Bureaucratic Red Tape, Bad Excuses, and Corporate BS

Matthew Lyons | Director of Content, Game Gavel

Natalie Ruiz | CEO, AnswerConnect

Sarah Hamilton | Human Resources Director, Workhuman

Sergei Belous | CEO, UpFlip

Shay Doran | Founder, Green Revolt

Shayne Sherman | CEO, TechLoris

Simon Sapper | Director of the Makes You Think Consultancy

Vivek Chugh | Founder & CEO, Listables

Will Read | CEO and Founder, Sideways 6

William Taylor | Career Development Manager, VelvetJobs